Language bridges the gap between people. Computer languages enable us to boost ourselves utilizing artificial intelligence. Neither of them should be centralized.

We are creators

Since there is no system to distribute the right piece of information to the right user at the right time without spoiling privacy while rewarding the source – we will build it.

About us

We’re a small team of Python Developers, Data Scientists, Linguists, Nerds and Revolutionaries committed to make the world a better place. The sky is the limit, humbleness our practical attitude.


Looking for …

Python/Flask/Django UI Developers part-time/full-time with a good heart and the intention to make an impact. And to make some money while doing so 😉 Graph-DB Playground Explorers with some semantic interest


Get in touch via E-Mail (contact@sinnborn.com). WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal/Viber then will be fine, Slack for the team.